hear at the HOMe
living room concert series

woj and I host house concerts in our living room in New Haven, CT.
For live music nuts like us, there really is nothing like bringing the music home!  :)

This Series Is Currently On Hiatus.

woj and I just moved ... we are still in the neighborhood, and plan to continue hosting concerts, but it's going to be a while before we're settled enough to think about that. Thanks for your patience!

Questions?  Read our FAQ.

Interested in Performing? Please read this before contacting us.

See here for a rundown of our previous performances:

Veda Hille (2x) | Sarah Slean, Sarah Harmer, Feist | Pamela Means, Edie Carey (2x) | Jessie Turner
Mila Drumke | Erin McKeown | Teddy Goldstein, Anne Heaton | Wendy Rule (3x) | Cyoakha Grace
Rebecca Hart | Trina Hamlin (3x) | Colleen Sexton | Molly Zenobia | Annie Gallup | Rachael Sage
Chris & Meredith Thompson | Holly Figueroa | Cadence Carroll, Kellie Lin Knott | Dorothy Scott
Vienna Teng | Happy Rhodes | Sloan Wainwright | Ruthie Foster | Deirdre Flint
Rachael Sage & Trina Hamlin | Noe Venable | Lalo, Kellie Lin Knott | Ashley Maher
Kym Tuvim | The Weepies | Nerissa Nields | Anne Heaton & Frank Marotta, Jr. | Edie Carey
Emily Bezar | Cliff Eberhardt | Mark Erelli | Nerissa & Katryna Nields (2x) | Martine Locke | Ellis

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